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Our Clients

Project Name: ALLAY TECH (ATS): A Technical Service Provider Company

Description: Allay Tech provides technical commercial and home base services specialist in electrical, painting, and plumbing services. Our technical staff is highly qualified to maintain the standard and quality of work.
Client's Comments: I was searching for a company which can support us technically by developing our company site to make clients and generate business on internet then accidently I found a site. Development companies which could provide a unique standard and innovative work. After visiting a number of companies online finally Ive come to make a contract singe to develop a site for our company after visiting thoroughly because i found their quality of work and that makes me inspired.


Project Name: 786 Travel: Travel Agency

Description: 786 Travel Agency provide the highest standards of services that include discount air travel, inclusive tour packages, business travel, hotel and apartments accommodation, car hire, travel insurance and travel bargains for all countries in the world.

Client's Comments: What a great and good software and web Development Company I think it really makes the clients enable to more strengthen their businesses.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaho John you suggested me right thing. Thanxxxx a lot.


Project Name: Al-Muslim: News For Muslim Word

Description: Almuslim provide the latest and more authentic news about the Muslim communities in all over the world specially for Australian Muslim population, in more there is big variety of all kind of news, magazines, sports, Muslim fashion world, politics and articles are available.

Client's Comments: Let me to say that it is really a good establishment provides more advanced and technical solutions in the field of software designing and web development. Its products are more reliable supportive than other IT companies.


Project Name: Travelmate Money: A Money Exchange Company

Description: Travel mate Money Exchange is working -Since 2008 we are providing Foreign Currency and International Money Transfer. We are conveniently located in the Sydney(4 locations) and the Melbourne CBD(I location)
Client's Comments: Always makes good relations and do good thing for others, it makes your ethical status at top, really there is a very good customers base approach from your good administration and therefore we made a deal with you as weve come to know that you are providing safest and most advanced software development organization having unique key features to maintain standard.


Project Name: Iqra Quran: Live Holy Quran Learning

Description: Iqraa Quran academy provides Tajweed ( reading of the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation) classes at nominal Hadya (fee) to let most of the students learn Quran at home online.

Client's Comments: Quran academy really appreciates the site you designed for us. It is more convenient and reliable to use for our customers. Thank you for doing such a great work for our establishment.


Project Name: Eagle Forex: Foreign Money Exchange Company

Description: Now sending money is more easy and safe through our accelerated ACH service. Simply fill out and submit the ACH form found under the forms tab, and have your money automatically transferred from your bank account to your love ones.

Client's Comments: Our company compliment you on your best customer services. You are very professional in your working methods and your communication with customers is excellent. I would like to make a great deal of software and your company is at the top as far as services. I also like your product very much. Good times for us


Project Name: Al-Muslim: Monthly Magazine Published in Australia

Description: Al-Muslim provides a monthly Muslim magazine contains all Muslim events and updates during the whole month. It also contains articles on different topics.

Client's Comments: Excellent work and fast supportive response from your company. We really satisfied with the web you developed for our organization. Thanks for your good work. Admin


Project Name: Pak Times: News Website

Description: Pak times is a leading news paper in Australia providing current news online, holding an office in Australia Sydney All Pakistani news, politics of Pakistan, sports, fashion, economy, Articles on different issues all these available on this site.

Client's Comments: The all important developing a site and then "service after sale" support from this company has been perfect Gratifyingly swift support from site developers. thanks for such a great job.


Project Name: Mobil King, An IT Company: Partner Company of Oliveweb

Description: Mobil King is a reliable and trusted provider of information technology products and services since 2002.At Mobil King we leverage technology to deliver integrated, comprehensive and world-class, Custom developed software, Web developments and mobile applications designed to satisfy present and future needs.


Project Name: Barnala Technical Services (B-Tech): Partner Company of Oliveweb

Description: Barnala Technical Services LLC is one of the best maintenance services corporation in Dubai. At BTS worth and excellence means everything which takes a attentive, logical approach to customizing solutions for your capability services needs.

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